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Pastonkik: Masozial


Hardcover: $42.73

Book Type: Print


A collection of fern photographs by nature photographer Kimberly J Tilley. In this book there are a few of her favourite images of ferns from her backyard and travels along forest trails. The images were created from 2007 - 2020 at various locations in the USA. This book series title, Pastonkik, means "in the United States" and it comes from the Abenaki language. The Abenaki are from the Northeast. Native American languages and Latin are used in this series to identify specimens. There are 18 books in total featuring Kimberly's favourite landscapes, waterscapes, insects, plants, birds and wildlife images.


"These photographs of ferns are shown to you in the aging process of the plant, from fiddlehead to dried branches. The ferns were photographed in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Washington State. Fern parts may be used for medicinal purposes. Before the curl of a new fern stalk unfolds it can be boiled and eaten." -Page 6

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Book Type: Print

ISBN-13: 9781006655319

Edition: 1

Publisher: Blurb


Language: English

Pages: 24

Interior: Color

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About The Author

Kimberly J Tilley (1979) lives in New Hampshire, USA where she spends most of her time tending to her family and dreaming up more art to create. Occasionally she takes a break from managing her print-on-demand shops and creating new artwork to pull together her art books. She is a nature photographer by trade but dives into other art forms too.

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