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Writing Erotica For Fun & Profit Revised Edition




Genres: Education & Teaching, Erotica, Reference


Book Type:Digital

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This 2022 revised edition by erotica author B. B. Pierce has the best of both worlds. The original information about writing erotica, and the newly updated version for engaging in self publication. This version includes over 300 erotica storylines, and 1080 words that sexcite and sizzle to help keep you writing erotica for a long time. Newly updated social marketing information, not to mention guidelines for creating your own book covers. If you already write erotica, or have ever wanted to begin writing it, this book is just one of many that you need to read. The sooner you buy it and read it, the sooner you will be able to begin writing erotica for the first time, whether it be for pleasure, or additional financial reward. I invite any of you 18+ with questions to contact me. There will be no charge for my answers, I simply wish to pay it forward. DM me on any of my many social media accounts or email me at [email protected]

Book Details

I write for MATURE 18+ READERS ONLY. So when YOU read my EROTICA alone in bed, it may encourage YOU to want to SEXUALLY do things with and to YOURSELF, that YOU may never have thought about doing before. So READ just one of my ebooks, and if YOU do not enjoy the SEX, then return it. YOU have nothing to loose, except your own BODY FLUIDS. Obviously I am not new to EROTICA, and have written EROTICA previously for many years, under various pen names. Authoring EROTICA novels, novellas, story collections, short stories, and adult magazine and newsletter articles, and even a book on HOW TO WRITE EROTICA, which will soon be republished in ebook format, after being heavily revised and updated. I have also been a webmaster for a site about Amateur Adult Video Making, where both amateur and professional adult videos were reviewed and critiqued by myself. Soon my ebook will be published on HOW TO MAKE AMATEUR ADULT VIDEOS, among other adult oriented business ventures, that EROTICA readers might like to get involved in. I eagerly invite all of you EROTICA readers to make contact with me, and to suggest EROTICA niche ideas that YOU would like to see me write future ebooks about. Other EOTICA WRITERS are invited to trade web links. Contact me for my FREE E-newsletter [email protected] or sign up on my website bbpierceauthor REVIEW/RATE EROTICA anonymously, just email to me, I will not use your name [email protected].

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