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Crybaby Bridge: An Urban Legend Come to Life




Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Sometimes you just have to believe... They say that if you go to the bridge and the moon smiles down at you, you should place powder on the hood of your car, then you shall see a baby’s footprints and hear its horrific cry in the night... In the seventies, poor little rich girl, Maddie Sheppard, becomes pregnant by a thing that she called the Shadow Man. Swearing he is Satan himself, Maddie hides the pregnancy from her parents, her town and their God. Afraid her child is a “monster”, she has no choice but to give birth. The Shadow Man comes to claim his child, and in a trance, Maddie throws the child over the railing of a county bridge, jumping over behind him, killing them both. Present Day—Amanda Sheppard begins having horrible dreams that she can’t explain, or begin to understand. With the help, support and love from her friends and family, she finds a way to reach out to the woman haunting her dreams. Maddie crosses time and the afterlife to reach Amanda, her great-niece, asking for her help. Through a long journey, both awake and asleep, Amanda begins to relive Maddie’s life and everything she had lived through. Amanda realizes that the only thing Maddie is after, is to be forgiven for killing her child. Along the way, through many twists and turns, she ends up helping her grandfather learn about the sister he never knew he had. This is a story of sadness, faith, and love. But most of is about forgiveness.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781731537522

ISBN-10: 1731537522

Publisher: Self Published


Language: English

Pages: 261

Interior: BW

Keywords: , , , ,


Author, Book Editor, Self-Publishing Advocate, Social Media Networking Platform Founder. SCREENWRITER MANAGEMENT I am NOT the author of A Collection of Short Stories from AuthorWorld Connect; I am simply the Editor and Publisher for this book

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