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Expelled From Hell


Book Type: Digital


When Anthony 'Tony' Yeager met Jonathan Powell in college. It was lust at first sight. They fell in love, and ten years later, they are legal in the eyes of God and man. However, something happened on the way to their wedding reception. Something that pits a master chess player like Tony against seven demons, seven archangels, and God? Something Hades the God of death, Lucifer, or any of his demons didn't foresee. Something that God and his Angels are banking on. Tony is alone on one side, God and Lucifer on the other. For the first time in creation, can there be a deal made between God and Lucifer to thwart Tony? Well, no one ever said, eternity will be easy.


“Who would’ve believed it? That my first bona fide partnership in hell will be with a tiny, unassuming, greedy son of a bitch? And most importantly, he just helped me put another nail in Lucifer’s coffin. Oh, life is good. I take that back, death is glorious. I highly recommend it.”

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Book Type: Digital


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About The Author

Jodi Layne loves and writes about all things supernatural, and a multi-genre writer, who has something for everyone in her works. She's a worker bee who writes on her downtime. You'll find her books are easy to read, a bit of humor here and there, written against the norm and usually based on a case of 'what if'? She loves to write novellas. Jodi will tell you that she's not writing the 'next great American' novel, just stories that make you laugh, smile, or cry for a little while. Other than writing, she loves KDramas, JDramas, CDramas, TDramas. You can follow Jodi on these sites: Twitter: @JodiLayne2 Instagram: laynejodi Discord: laynejodi Facebook: Tumblr: laynejodi

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