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One Gallon Challenge




Genres: Erotica, Fantasy, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Books



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Dean is having the worst breakup ever. He knew Agnes was controlling and short-tempered. He didn't realize she was also a witch who drew her power by draining male essence! Now Dean has been transformed into a petite busty blond named Deanna. The good news is that she has a year to reverse the spell. The bad news is that of the six exes who have gone through this before, none have ever succeeded in winning their manhood back. Will Deanna join the sisterhood of Agnes' exes? Will Deanna's friends recognize the former man under the double D's? How many puns can Agnes make at Deanna's expense? and most importantly, Can Deanna stomach the "One Gallon Challenge?"


Stepping out of the apartment as a woman, wearing a skirt and heels was a much bigger deal for Deanna than she had anticipated. As she approached the threshold while Agnes held the door, she felt like the air turned to mud. Inside the apartment, all this horror had been contained to one place. As far as the world knew, she was still Dean, a 27-year-old successful businessman with a smokin hot girlfriend and an oversized pickup truck. At the cafe, she was still Dean, on the streets, she was still Dean, as far as any of her friends knew, she was still Dean. Only, she wasn’t Dean anymore. Now she was stepping out into the world as a busty blond little sex-pot in a miniskirt intent on being the biggest cum-slut the men of this town had ever seen. The moment the world outside the apartment saw her, it would be real. She would be Deanna. “Come on sweetie!” Agnes called, reveling in her discomfort. “Pull up your big girl panties and get on out there!” Deanna took a deep breath and then, with three careful steps she was in the hall. Nervously, she looked up and down to see if anyone could see her. Their neighbor, Mr. Hoffman was waiting by the elevator. He looked at her, his eyes slid down and then back up her body, lingering on her chest. He blinked and pretended to stare at the elevator door. As Agnes was locking the door, Deanna pulled her elbows into her body, uncomfortable. At first feeling embarrassed to be dressed like a girl, then realizing that Mr. Hoffman’s gaze was one of lust, not confusion. Deanna was not walking around in drag, Deanna was walking around as the sexy woman Agnes had turned her into. Agnes paid Deanna no mind as she strode down the hall calling to Mr. Hoffman. “Hold the elevator please!” Deanna followed behind and arrived as Mr. Hoffman was stepping through the doors. She stepped in and stood in mortified silence as she watched Mr. Hoffman’s eyes continue to stare at her in the reflection on the double doors. The elevator reached the ground floor and Mr Hoffman stepped out. Agness lingered for a moment until he was out of earshot before she signaled that they should step out as well. “You should have gone for it, the way he was looking at you, there is no way he would turn you down. Get him into the storage room down the hall and you could be gulping down your first load before breakfast. I would have waited.” “He is married,” Deanna replied. Agnes laughed. “Have you seen Mrs. Hoffman?!” She paused before pushing open the door to the street. “He’s looking to trade up and YOU are a fucking sports car!” Deanna wanted to shut Agnes up, but she was right. If she was going to succeed in breaking the spell, she would have to start hitting on men. “Maybe next time,” Deanna muttered. “That’s what Michelle used to say.” Agnes quipped as she pushed open the door. The warm summer breeze swept in. Deanna felt the air roll up her legs under her skirt. Self consciously she brought her hands down to the hem to ensure it stayed put.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798434070355

Edition: 2

Publisher: Dark Fantasy Press


Language: English

Pages: 52

Keywords: , , , ,


Katie is the trickster Day to day, Katie is just another suburban mom in the American South. By night she... well... that's private With her pen, Katie likes to play with convention. Throwing sexuality, gender, and a little magic into a blender to see what happens.

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