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The Dance of Fates: Bellatrix




Genres: Paranormal

Book Type:Digital

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[COMPLETED] Fates... How much do you believe in Fates? Centuries ago, a prophecy was told. In time, bits of pieces were lost. The remaining was preserved but it left many questions: "Every period of time comes forth the Archnemesis. The night will fall like the snow in winter season and the day will come like a flower that blooms in springtime. War shall cause the lives of many and the weak shall suffer. But lo, and behold, in a family of winter shall come the Blood Star of every generation. Strength and might that shall spill the blood of its Adversary by the death with its soul." Chloe Liu just wanted to become a fully pledged Kryst, a soldier of the Kingdom of Demetrius. Lucian Liu and the members of the Seven Geniuses just wanted to protect his sister. Prince Ciaran, the Særi ust Trūx (Future King), just wanted to protect the Kingdom of Demetrius along with his friends. What if the Fates wanted more? Ambition, love, manipulation, and power. The 27th Blood Star Bellatrix has to get through to the end. But will Bellatrix be able to turn the water to blood?

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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