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The Phantom Manor Phenomenon: An Unauthorised Tour of Disneyland Paris' Version of Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion




Genres: Horror, Mystery, Paranormal

Book Type:Print

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Bienvenue, Foolish Readers... You have received an invitation, suspiciously written with quill and ink, to a private, unauthorised tour of Phantom Manor. Pack your bags for Frontierland in Disneyland Paris, France, and prepare for an unforgettably spooky Halloween adventure. You shall be led by a mysterious tour guide, dressed in 19th century attire with top hat and cloak. You will travel to the famous theme park attraction and bear witness to its many secrets and mysteries. Travelling through time, you shall get to experience the original version that ran from 1992-2018 as well as the renovated version that runs from 2019 onwards. After your midnight tours, you will explore the nearby Boot Hill Cemetery, meet the Household Staff and Thunder Mesa Locals, and read scary newspaper cuttings from the Thunder Mesa Daily Messenger. Not only will you uncover Phantom Manor’s many unique secrets, since it was only loosely based on the American version of Haunted Mansion, but you shall also discover ideas that were lost and never brought into fruition, experience the merchandise that fans collect, read about an actual death that happened in the theme park ride and hear rumours of an upcoming film adaptation. Enter, foolish mortals. If you dare…

Book Details

Book Type: Print

ISBN-13: 9781683902713

ISBN-10: 1683902718

Publisher: Theme Park Press


Language: English

Pages: 156

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