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Princess Elisha and the King of Shadows




Genres: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Paranormal


Book Type:Digital

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Legend foretold there was once a man, his heart cold as ice, his mind black as the night, to him finding the power of the sword of happiness would make him the most powerful wizard in the world but of course everyone knows that this power only flows one way. . .


The enormous brawl between the two kingdoms was unknown to humanity. Once the best of associates- but never the best of ancestors Their silence spreads across the ground- causing it to quiver into the unknown. Obedient figures aroused to stand in battle.

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Strang3s0ul


Language: English

Pages: 150

Interior: BW

Keywords: , ,


28-year-old self published author .. in love with life and go with the flow type of craZzo :x:D haha I have been writing since the age of 8 and have ever since striven myself to become better at writing :) I do enjoy all types of genre's and I loVvve challenging myself :)

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