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Where Buzzards Dare




Genres: Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction, Westerns

Book Type:Print & Digital

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When the town sheriff of Pagosa Springs goes missing, his wife contacts Oliver Kross’ O.K. Detective Agency in Denver, Colorado, with instructions to find him. Kross puts Linus Sutton—one of his best operatives—on the case. Buzzards wheeling high over the nearby river eventually point Linus in the right direction, but when he finds the sheriff’s body, it’s missing one important thing—its head! Who killed the sheriff, and where was he for the nearly two weeks prior to his death? Sutton’s quest for answers creates even more questions when he meets the beautiful Rowena Gaines, whose father is also missing, and bears a resemblance to the dead sheriff. Are the cases are connected? If so, how? Before he can work that out, Linus is shot at, beaten up, fired by the sheriff’s wife and then rehired by the town judge, who suspects that the sheriff was embezzling funds from the town’s coffers.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

Publisher: DS Publishing


Language: English

Interior: BW

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