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Awakening: Realm Killer Book 1




Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller


Book Type:Digital

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— All Hell is about to break loose — Fallen angels, rising demons, traitors, and the rekindling of an ancient war. Mankind’s fate hinges on the resilience of a snarky dark horse. When Chase Ambrose wakes from a year-long coma in a New York hospital, he’s left to piece together the disaster that placed him there . . . but even darker mysteries mark the horizon. The days of his former carefree life will come to a bleak end. Now, Chase must face a destiny brimming with magic, monsters, bureaucratic red tape, and untold death. It seems his blackest dreams have always had a deeper meaning. If he hopes to change the fates, he’ll need to hone his emerging powers—fast. He didn’t ask to be part of this game . . . but sure as Hell won’t be a pawn. The problem is, vengeance comes at a price, and the devils always take their due.


As if my hands weren’t already full, I spotted a brunette watching me through the intoxicated crowd of partygoers. My attention shifted when she crossed paths with another brunette. This woman met another and accepted a drink from her before moving on. The drink deliverer then crossed paths with a dark-haired woman and whispered something in her ear. My smile faltered because each of these women were identical, but not quadruplets. More like exact copies, like someone had a mold and made her over and over again. Another of the unbelievably identical women appeared, her back turned to me as she joined in on the conversation with the other two. She turned to face me and smiled when our eyes met, then—boom. Something slammed into my back, knocking the air out of me, along with my senses. My ears rang and everything was muffled and distant, as if I were underwater hearing it all. Screaming was the only discernible sound I could make out. Finally, my head cleared enough to handle visual information. Sasha knelt next to Anna’s body, pleading for her to get up. Shock, alcohol, and recreational drugs prevented her from grasping what I already knew. A tear fell from one of Anna’s lifeless eyes, a shard of metal buried in the side of her head. “Chase!” Kilian waved his arms to get my attention. “We have to go.” I crawled up the counter to my feet. The twins were making their way through the cluster of people, continuing to wave for me to join them. I hesitated for a moment, stunned by the chaotic scene. The flicker of flames had replaced the strobe lights. Its smoke put the club’s artificial machinery to shame. It had disoriented everyone, leaving a rudderless crowd running around in a panic. I followed the German’s lead, my feet steadying themselves and moving me in their direction. Sasha was still fighting a pointless battle, dooming herself to the same outcome if she didn’t leave. She fought to stay at her friend’s side as I pulled her away. “Anna! Anna!” Sasha cried over and over. Snatching her away, I grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her to face me. “She’s gone. We need to run before we join her.” Sasha’s eyes flickered as if she were seeing the shit show that was happening for the first time. Tears trailed from her blue eyes, catching her mascara as she finally looked at me with understanding. I nudged her toward the twins, who were gracious enough to pause their retreat and wait for us. One last glance at Anna left me regretting I couldn’t have saved her, too. I was trailing Sasha when another explosion rocked the building. Time slowed, and as it did, I realized I was flying. Flames swallowed the brothers and Sasha, along with everyone and everything around them.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

Pages: 330

Interior: BW

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C. L. Brown is an Indie Author and the creator of the Dark Urban Fantasy series, Realm Killer, and its connected Universe. His stories of magic & mayhem include creatures and beings from around the world, from mainstream to obscure.

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