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"Condition Zero"




Genres: Action & Adventure, Suspense, Thriller

0.5 / 5 (1 rating)

1 review


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Book Type:Print & Digital

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Detective Lieutenant Kay Boyd, head of Boston’s Organized Crime Task Force, saw her husband and children butchered by Boston’s rising crime crew “The Family.” Gambler junkie Joseph X. Null, a former low-level bagman for “The Family,” was tortured by their chief enforcer until he lost his mind. Due to an experimental therapy to bring him back from a mutilated, catatonic state, Null recovered everything but his humanity, remaining in effect a chemically reconstructed psychopath. A one-man killing machine now, his single-minded mission is to whack out “The Family” down to its last man. A conflicted Boyd is out to stop him, even though the Boston Police Department unofficially couldn’t care less about “who takes out the trash.” Believing he’s owed a debt, and having once been her CI, Null wants to recruit Boyd to help him destroy “The Family.” When Boyd lost her family, she became a functional alcoholic, unable to deal with her guilt and grief. Like Null, she too is maimed. Null and Boyd may be different from each other, but they’re also exactly the same. "Dead survivors." And “The Family’s ace hitman Theron “Thing” LeCoeur is out to remove the “survivor” part from their mutual equation permanently.


Null pressed the gun hard to her cheek to confirm this. “We’re at condition zero. Did Gomez teach you what that was?” “I don’t—” “I do. I’m new to guns, but it goes something like this: Condition One is cocked and locked; Condition Two is hammer down with a round in the chamber; Condition three is a loaded magazine; empty chamber; Condition Zero, though, is as close as it gets: a round in the chamber, hammer cocked, the safety disengaged.” He made an impression on her cheek with the muzzle of the gun. “That’s where we are now.” “And where Anton is, is dead, right?” Null reached behind and dragged the body into the bathroom, dropping it by the scarlet painted toes of her pale bare feet. “He’s right here.” Anton’s body left a skid of blood that beaded up on the tile. He made it look like the two hundred thirty-pound thug was a straw dummy. Ophelia jumped back on the edge of the sunken bathtub. She had instantly been transformed into a gangly, knock-kneed teenager with a desperate urge to pee. She danced nervously in place. “He made mistakes, a few bad moves. He wasn’t really ready for serious security for the Family’s lead counsel. But then, it wasn’t necessary for him to be any good, was it? Who in their right mind would go after a defense attorney, a civilian? But then, as you know, I’m not in my right mind.”

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781955784412

ISBN-10: 1955784418

Publisher: Melange Books


Language: English

Pages: 296

Interior: BW



Gary S. Kadet has been a journalist, covering various beats for the Boston Herald, Globe and even Playboy Magazine, which also published his fiction. He was a contributing editor for the nationally-read Boston Book Review where he covered crime fiction in his "Trouble is Their Business" column. In the 90s, he was a trailblazer on the Internet, running the 10th largest adult website in the world. His novel "D/s - an Anti-Love Story" was the first novel to portray the real-world BDSM scene without prurience or sentimentality and was a Book Of The Month Club main selection. He's also author of "Condition Zero," "Violent Mind Candy" and "High Body Count" for Melange Books; "Mens Rea" for Foundations Books and "Viral Load" for Yard Time Publishing.

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