Whispers in the Wind


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Step into the evil world of Human Trafficking, where corrupt officials, unemployment, poverty, greed and power all play a part. A family that is torn apart by abduction. A child taken in the dead of the night by force to serve as High Priestess for a secret African Cult who worship the jackal god and act as the middle man for the collection of human cargo. Adele abducted and sold into slavery, and the world of the sex trade where it is all about greed. Join her on her journey into slavery, her misery, her fears, as she’s thrown head first into terror and must use whatever she has to survive, if she is to ever see her family again. The search for the child and woman moves from the wilds of Zambia, to the under belly of Johannesburg, South Africa. Join Piet van Zyl and company in their search for Debi and Adele as they move from the banks of the mighty Zambezi deep into the African bush veldt and the bright lights of the city.

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Book Type: Print & Digital


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