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Detective Chief Inspector Max Cornell is the senior investigating officer of Newcastle and Northumberland’s Murder Investigation Team. Often accompanied by his big German Shepherd, Rex, Max has a reputation for bending the rules and is never far from controversy. Respected by his crew, his superiors struggle with his sharp wit and humour.


Max Cornell is detective chief inspector in charge of Northumberland’s murder investigation team and never far from controversy. It is while his superiors are considering discipline over his conduct at a recent crown court hearing, a climate change activist is murdered in a small Northumberland village. All fingers point towards a farmer who has been the subject of recent protests organised by this individual. Cornell, however, is not convinced the farmer is the perpetrator, but he is faced with a village hiding a secret and villagers refusing to talk. To find a link to the murderer Cornell is compelled to investigate the disappearance of a visitor to the village two years before. Douglas John Knox’s latest novel is an intricate tale of obsession and tragedy, sprinkled with humour.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Douglas John Knox


Language: English

Interior: BW

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Douglas John Knox is best known for his action packed mystery thrillers, including the DCI Max Cornell series. Mostly set in the North East of England, but his tales can take you off to the capital and overseas. Although blessed with a colourful imagination, Douglas didn’t start writing fiction until he retired from the Civil Service in 2005. It was then, with a compulsion to record his creations, instead of just dreaming them, that he was stimulated to write. Once a resident of County Durham, Douglas John Knox now lives in North Northumberland, the setting for many of his novels. When not writing, Douglas enjoys fly fishing and tying his own flies, gardening, which includes tending a large allotment and painting, both in watercolours and oils. Also known to have the occasional glass of red wine.

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