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Douglas John Knox is best known for creating fast moving mystery thrillers, mostly set in the North of England, but his tales can take you off to the capital and overseas. Although blessed with a colourful imagination, Douglas didn’t start writing fiction until he retired from the Civil Service in the noughties. It was then, with a compulsion to record his creations, instead of just dreaming them, that he was stimulated to write. Douglas believes part of the fascination of being an author is the opportunity to incorporate, alongside complete fabrication, actual events and incidences that occurred throughout his life. “Many instances during my life, some serious, other’s humorous and many absurd, I recall with clarity and just love featuring them in my books. However, I have yet to conjure up a situation, where a government department maintains book records from a computer. I kid you not.” Once a resident of County Durham, Douglas John Knox now lives in North Northumberland, the setting for many of his novels. When not writing, Douglas enjoys fly fishing and tying his own flies, gardening, which includes tending a large allotment and painting, both in watercolours and oils. Also known to have the occasional glass of red wine.

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