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A fiction love story based on a couple named Susan and Tim Brooks. Their relationship starts going astray when workaholic Tim, starts breaking promises to his wife Susan and she begins to get frustrated with it, at being let down by her husband. What plans does she have to get revenge relating to the current situation? Can they survive this situation or is it a non-repairable situation?


When arriving at the pub, which was only five minutes drive away from where Susan lived, which was called The Bell, she paid the taxi driver, and then got out the car and walked towards the entrance of the pub and through the pub door, and there she saw that Steve was already there waiting for her. "Hello Susan," he says, as Susan walks up to the bar where he was waiting. "Hi Steve," she replies. "Your looking stunning in that red dress Susan, along with those blue sparkling eyes of yours," says Steve. "Thanks Steve for the compliment," Susan replies as she smiles at him. "What did Tim say about you going out tonight?" Steve asks. "Nothing. I did not say to him that I was meeting up with a man, in case of any issues," she replies. "Would you like a drink Susan?" Asks Steve. "I'll have a glass of white wine please Steve," she goes. "Go and sit at that table in the far corner and I'll bring the drinks over," Steve tells Susan. "OK then," and she sees an empty table and walks over to sit down at it, taking her coat off and putting it on the back of the chair she was going to sit on. "I'll have a glass of white wine and a pint of beer please," Steve says to the barman. "Coming right up," replies the barman. "That's a good looking lady you have with you," says the barman. "I know, she is an old friend of mine," Steve replies. "That will be six pounds then sir," says the barman. "Thanks,” says Steve, and he hands over the money and takes the drinks over to the table. "There you go Susan, a glass of white wine," he says to her. "I have been looking forward to this meeting, since I saw you on Monday," says Susan. "It was a surprise to bump into you like that," replies Steve; β€œWhen I saw the name of the person when I made the appointment, I thought it might have been someone with the same name,” he added. β€œWell, I have gone a long way in life, since we last met,” she says to him. β€œSo I now see,” he says with a smile on his face and taking a gulp of his beer. "You took me by surprise, on what you did to me on Monday also Steve," she says as she also drinks some of her wine. "I just could not resist it,” he says; β€œIt brought back memories of us together dating all those years ago, even though things did not quite work out," he added. "Don"t worry, that's the best thing that had happen to me for a long while, with the way things had been going between me and Tim recently," says Susan. "What? Having sex in your work room?" Asks Steve with a chuckle. "Yes," she says as she laughs along with him too. They start talking about the old times together. "I had a crush on you even then, all that time ago," says Steve. "Did you?" "To be honest with you, yes I did, and you have not changed a bit, just age," he replied. "Well, you showed me what I had been missing all that time ago then, didn't you?" She says smiling at him happily. "Would you like another drink?" Asks Steve as she finishes her glass of wine. "Yes please, another glass of wine Steve," replies Susan.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781791984724


Language: English

Pages: 220

Interior: BW

Keywords: , , , ,


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