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Genres: Action & Adventure, Mystery, Suspense


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Annie likes adventure. She runs into an old love and goes on adventure into an underground cave. Discovers a purple stone and her best friend disappears.

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ISBN-13: 9781499907414

Edition: 1

Publisher: Fastpencil


Language: English

Pages: 94

Interior: BW

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I loved writing forever just didn't think anyone read it. I had a stroke December 2020 and it changed me alot. Thinking, I could have died and never published the book I wrote. So I published since it was done. A few have read it and that pleases me, people I grew up with so I will finish the story, one hand and because I want to please those that read it and I want to know what happens, lol. I love thinking of stories hopefully my minds starts thinking of it. Just glad I wrote it before the stroke and that I am here. :)

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