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Twisted Saga Origins




Genres: Action & Adventure, Romance, Suspense

Book Type:Print & Digital

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In the foothills of southern West Virginia, things are not always slow and laid back. You have to look through the mist of the night and discover an entirely different world filled with chaos. Every day is a struggle. Torn between these decisions is a young man with the will of iron and nerves of steel. It feels natural for this rowdy bunch as they go to extreme measures to reach that next level of crazy. Justin Adamson, Josh Bradshaw, & James Cline are the notorious Troublesome Trio who enjoy nothing more than creating havoc & drama but are never pinned for their crimes. Life alters their brotherhood when a series of events force their hand to examine how everything hasn't turned out as planned. The darker tone of this evolving romantic adventure will take you down a rabbit hole that leaves you shattered and find yourself cheering at times as the events unfold in this chaotic but mature, coming of age story.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-10: 1798019310


Language: English

Interior: BW

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I write novels with a darker tone. My main genre is romance, but I've been known to dabble in suspense and thriller novels. Everything I will release is 18+. One thing you will always get from me is my best and nothing less. The #JBLU canonized storylines are all interconnected with cameos and true crossovers from book to book at times. Think of the #JBLU as the literary counterpart to Disney's MCU and WB's DCEU but with fictional characters in novels, not comic books/graphic novels.

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