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His Indian Wife




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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"Marry me.", Nicolas had his eyes fixed on her lips. "Huh? Pardon?", Sanaya was totally surprised. She was in a dream? Or... ** Sanaya Roy Chowdhury, from a small town in India who ran away from home. Twenty one years old Beautiful, tall and a simple girl. After running away to the USA she thought she finally got her freedom but one day, when she went to a party with her best friend she was lost. When she was searching for a way out she was chased by bad boys. In order to save herself from them she asked a complete stranger to pretend to kiss her. Exactly when she thought she was saved there was something waiting for her... When the stranger will ask her to marry him, will she agree? But he'll have her agreeing anyway possible because he wants her, AT ANY COST. His name is Nicolas Davis. His Indian Wife novel


Just like other days, everybody went to the breakfast table, but one person was missing. "Where is the little one?", A man in his thirties asked a servant while walking down the stairs. "She might be still hibernating. I will go and wake her up right now.", Saying so the servant went upstairs immediately. "Young Miss. It's me, aunt Diya.", The servant named Diya knocked at the door but she got no response from the person in the room. She knocked again but nobody answered nor anybody opened the door. "Strange, she wakes up at 7 in the morning usually… Young Miss?", Diya knocked at the door again but it was making her more worried as she heard no sound coming inside of the room. She started having a bad feeling. "Sir…", Diya ran downstairs immediately. She was panicking when she looked at the members downstairs while gasping for breath. "What's wrong? Why is she not here yet?", The old man who was the head of the family said so. Everybody respected him. Nobody ever did anything against his wish. "Young Miss… I think she is… she…", Diya was hesitant to say it but she panicked more. "She... what?", the old man looked at her questioningly as he asked him. "She… I think she is not in the room. I've knocked on the door many times but she didn't open the door. I didn't hear any sound coming from the room.", Diya said quickly in a speed without taking a breath. "What?"Everybody was shocked. They got up to their chairs immediately. "Kunal, Suraj. What are you waiting for? Go and see where your sister is. Go!", The old man shouted angrily. "Yes, grandpa.", Kunal ran upstairs immediately and Suraj followed behind. "Sanaya, open the door!", Kunal knocked at the door. Hearing no sound he knocked again when he looked at Suraj as they heard no response. They knocked at the door one more time and they heard nothing from the room. "Bro, let's break the door.", As Suraj said it Kunal nodded his head, and then they moved away from the door then they broke the door and got inside of the room. "Sanaya…", they started searching around in the room as they did not see their sister lying on the bed. "Bathroom...", Kunal ran to the bathroom. It was not locked from inside. Searching inside he saw nobody. They could not find their sister in her room. It was an empty room without it's owner. After searching well Kunal finally saw a letter. "Letter…", everybody was looking at the letter in Kunal's hand. What could be written in it, they could not guess. "Read it,'' the old man ordered Kunal. Kunal looked at his mother and then he started reading it louder so everybody standing there could hear it.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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