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Pleasuring The Maid




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Let us touch you Ava, let us show you how good we can make you feel princess." It was Ray who spoke. His deep yet erotic voice sending shivers down my spine. "Goddess damn Ava, I want to feel your skin." Bray rasped, already tugging off sweats from my legs. "The Tee goes off too angel." Ray helped me off my Tee, throwing it somewhere on the floor, I couldn't care less. "So full and round, fucking sexy Ava."Ray unclasped my bra, wanting to access my boobs more. ****** Ava is living a life that is all a lie with no idea whatsoever. She ends up wanting two brothers who also realise that their life isn't all they've known. A damn lie.


**Ava's POV*** It wasn't till the wee hours that my eyes began to droop. I was physically tired, every part of my body ached but still sleep wouldn't come my way. My legs and feet had this irritable tinkling accompanied by a slight burning sensation. Every attempt to stretch my muscles and limps got countered by the slight pain that arose. My mind and my body refused to coordinate, each one of them working on its own. Yes my body needed rest, but my mind kept on moving, forcing thoughts and memories to run in cycles. I had tried all the tips doctors wrote about getting a good night sleep. I avoided caffeine before going to bed. I'd also tried listening to music, hoping that my brain system would slow down and finally let my eyes droop. But no, every little thing had left me even more awake. The day had been a busy one, all the cleaning I had done during the day was catching up with me. I cleaned everything that was in that house, the kitchen was stainless, the bedrooms were well dusted and left smelling like detergent and cleaning chemicals, the toilets and bathrooms were well scrubbed and left spotless. Their clothes were well washed, ironed and neatly arranged in their walk in closets, even their shoes were shining. Each pair was perfectly arranged on the rack. I mean it's pretty obvious that after a tiresome day one should sleep like a damn log, but no I had to keep on tossing and turning on my queen sized bed. I willed my eyes to close even for a minute but nothing of that sort happened. Luckily I didn't attend school so I had nothing to worry about; you know homework and other annoying school stuff. That didn't mean that I didn't yearn to attend college, actually I wanted to in my heart. But like the saying goes, everything doesn't always work out. It had been like this for a while now, working my ass off every Saturday at the Romans'. The death of my mother had forced me to take the only available job at the time. House keeping Luckily Reynard and Renata were kind enough to offer me a house keeping job at their mansion. I did general cleaning on Saturdays, but during the week I'd still go to either cook, or water the flowers and take care of their beautiful garden. I had gone knocking at their place after my mum passed on. Reynard, Mr. Romans had approached me after my mums’ funeral. He had said his condolences, and then he had introduced himself to me. He told me that he knew that my situation wasn't easy to say the least. He said that they were looking for a house help and that I would be of great help to them. I didn't even think twice, I accepted the deal straight on. It was better than nothing plus I needed to at least feed and clothe myself while at it. Now, I was in my small house that was given to me by my uncle, the only relative that gave a damn about my existence. I couldn't afford to pay rent for the two bedroom house that we used to live in with my mum. So when Uncle Rob gave me the keys to that old tiny house, I gladly took them. My grandparents weren't as loving, my cousins hated my sorry ass and well, my only aunt was busy travelling the world to not remember that her only sisters' child was orphaned and all alone. Except for the pictures she sent daily showing off her perfect body or showing her newest conquest, she never really cared. As much has her presence or lack thereof bothered me, I couldn't hate her.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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