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My Demon Life: Lucifer's Quest




Genres: Fantasy

Book Type:Digital

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As a boy living his last day as a teenager, in just a few hours he would be a 20 years old boring college dude. In all those 19 years nothing interesting in particular has happen in his life and he live an ordinary normal life. But all that was about to change when he woke up in the middle of the night on his birthday as his family wished him along with the best ''Birthday Gift'' ever. But little did he know that that was the last birthday he would ever celebrate..... as a Human. What will become of the main character as he step his way into the demon world and what he thought would be the start of an alternate world adventure turns out to be a railroad of mysteries of the Demon World and the un-ending connections that might or might not have to do with his unknown past. Can he solve the questions burning inside him and find out the truth about who he really is or was and the uncertainty of what the future holds? Find out more in the story and don't hesitate to ask me any doubts you have and leave a comment or review down below. Hope you enjoy this mystery-thriller and look forward to more updates. (Instagram: @e_g_o_insta) (Discord: @ E_G_O #3445) (Facebook: EgoBan D Myrthong)

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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