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Depth of Hatred




Genres: Romance, Suspense, Westerns


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"I wish I had never met you!" "How deep is your hate for me to say that?" "I hate you so much! I will make you grieve as long as we live together!" She is his unwanted wife, and he hates her. He is a billionaire mist akenly accused of sexual abuse—A lie that brought shame to him and his wealthy clan. As a result, his grandfather forced him to marry the woman he allegedly violated to save their family's reputation. The truth is he never did that. It was only the painful truth that his wife's adoptive family was greedy for money, so her mother mistakenly accused him because they wanted money. To take revenge on his wife's manipulative family, he promised to make her life miserable for as long as they lived together. Will he forgive them and learn to love her, or will she remain his unwanted wife?

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