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Love In High Stakes




Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance, Westerns

Book Type:Digital

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Olivia Montgomery, a twenty-six-year-old young lady living in the heart of New York City, is the heiress of The Montgomery Art Gallery. Inheriting The Montgomery Art Gallery, a family legacy steeped in artistry, she sees it as her ticket to escape the shadow of her father's debts after his untimely passing. Left without any family or financial support, Olivia not only needs to find a way out of this chaos, but she also needs to find out why her father fell into debt. After his death, her life turned miserable, for her late father made a pact with the Kennedys. With the Kennedys relentless threats looming over her, Olivia has only three months to pay off the debts, or else, she will find herself at the billionaire’s mercy. However, when she meets the famous CEO, Alexander Sterling, she thinks that she has found a light at the end of the tunnel until his stained past resurfaces. Torn between two billionaires, Olivia’s life is at high stake… And then her love.


“From my bed to his office?!” Lucas exclaimed caustically. “It’s not what you are thinking, Lucas,” Olivia said in a nearly inaudible tone. “You lost your voice or what?!” Lucas yelled, while his right hand was on the steering of his Bugatti. “You have no right to shout at me!” Olivia burst out. “I own you!” Lucas exploded as it was the umpteenth time he had been saying the same words to her. “Soon, you won’t!!!” Olivia challenged. “We’ll see, baby,” Lucas stopped the car in the middle of nowhere and now Olivia felt her heart beating at an uneven rate.

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Alpha Novel, Wattpad, iStory


Language: English (Mauritius)

Interior: BW

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