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Drop Dead Gorgeous




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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"Is she THAT girl?" "Yes, Mr. Hall, she is the only girl who can conceive your baby. Enjoy your night!" In a drunkness, Zoe Brooks vaguely heard two men talking. Lying on the bed, she thought she was having a wet dream. In her dream, she had an erotic night with a hot-shaped guy, not expecting she conceived a baby in this way. Unfortunately, her baby was missing on the day Zoe gave birth. She knew neither who her baby's father is nor what her baby looks like. Due to her pregnancy, she was labeled as a disgrace and was kicked out of the Brooks Family. To sustain her living expenses, she worked as a stunt double during weekends while looking for her lost baby. In a movie set, she saved a chubby boy named Samuel Hall at her baby's age by accident. Samuel was the only heir of the richest family. To pay back Zoe's kindness, Samuel decided to let Zoe be his daddy's sugar baby...

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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