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I'll Take The Chance




Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance, Westerns


Book Type:Digital

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Dren is an orphan. A self-made billionaire, full of dark secrets. A CEO of one of the largest companies in the city. He is known to be moody and creates fear in the hearts of those who work for him. Rovena is not a citizen of Dren’s country. She is working part-time jobs just to survive. Then she meets the wealthy and successful man Dren. When they meet accidentally, they feel attracted to each other. However, that feeling is lost because of a minor workplace incident that triggered Dren's anger. He hates Rovena because of the embarrassment that he gets. Rovena is working part-time at Dren's company. Dren didn't terminate her, but Dren started avoiding and ignoring her to punish her daily while she worked for him. Rovena feels hurt and afraid of Dren when she discovers his dark secrets. Because of that, she said goodbye to him. Years have passed since Rovena left Dren, but he still can't forget her. Then one day, they see each other again at a party. Will Dren take that chance to tell her he is still in love with her? Will Rovena overcome her fears of Dren? Will she be able to accept his dark secret and give him another chance?

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Book Type: Digital



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