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Blood on the Range is the story of Nathan Todd, a tough, hard-working cowpuncher whose loyalty, quick temper and sense of fair play often get him into situations that test his mettle and his ability to survive. He's always been content on his own, but that all changes when he meets Bridget O'Connell. Nate is fast with a gun but tongue-tied when it comes to women. Set in the town of Santa Fuelo, the story combines action and romance as it follows Nate's struggle to make a living and raise his standing in the community so he can court the woman who has finally won his heart. The task at hand is hard enough, but the presence of murderous bandits in the area makes it that much harder. Overnight, Nate is thrown headfirst into a range war against the cruel and cunning Tunnleys from the Striking S, and their deadly hired gunmen. With bandits on one side and the Striking S on the other, he'll have to use every skill at his disposal and rely on new allies if he's to survive and secure a future with Bridget.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

Publisher: DS Publishing


Language: English

Interior: BW



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