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Dark Legends Rise of Darkness




Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Set in between two worlds, Dark Legends is a science fiction adventure about the unknown, heroes, and villains. This story revolves around two men, Salvec and Jelic, from the world of Nevidia. Jelic, a celebrated scientist and inventor, vows to bring about his ancestors’ ancient prophecy of destroying the world. Salvec, a lieutenant in the planet corps, strives to become a hero of legends for two worlds. Friends since childhood, Jelic succeeds in destroying the world with the modified weapon he promised would save it. Salvec, now in command of one of the most advanced ships ever constructed, begins a quest to bring him to justice. His ship, a Starcity Class battleship, is both classified as a battleship and armored transport. Salvec’s ship, believed to carry the last hope of their world, is escorted by 2500 fully manned ships ready to fight. During the quest, both men’s ships are crippled in battle and limp into our solar system. With Earth the only source of materials in the quantity to rebuild, it becomes a new warzone. In need of help, Salvec allies himself with humanity to save his people. Jelic allies himself with Asian rebels In return, Salvec helps him develop the last of the technology for his creation, the USS Endeavor. Risking life and limb, humanity and Nevidians will risk everything to save the Earth and end Jelic’s terror. During his adventure on Earth, Salvec falls in love with a beautiful young woman named Elizabeth. This love would give him the drive to risk everything to protect and save her from harm. As the final battle approaches, all hope looks lost for the allies. Then against all odds, four more Starcity Class ships arrive with their respective fleets, ready to fight for another world. The USS Endeavor, completed and ready for action, defends our sun with seven other ships including a Starcity class ship. With a slight advantage, the allied fleet fights to save Earth from obliteration.  

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781728363011

Edition: 1

Publisher: Newman Springs


Language: English

Pages: 302

Interior: Color



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