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The Legend of Eden - Act 1 - Part 0 - Genesis




Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult


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The Founding of Eden and the world of Arden.


Welcome friend. Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Eden? The kingdom of light and its decent to darkness? I am the Spirit that dwells here, and we wish to share with you the story. It is our story. Within these words you have begun to read, you will find us. We are you. What I mean by this, is that within these stories we share, you will find what you have lost. The Kingdom of Eden. Don’t understand? If you allow yourself to delve into the world I share with you, then in time, you will understand more than you would like. Simply know that some doors once opened, cannot be closed again. I welcome you to join me on a journey of the spirit.

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A fantasy writer who wishes to share with you a story. A story of pain and hardships. One of grief and despair. One of treachery and madness. One filled with hate, rage, and utter darkness. However, it is also a journey of healing and growth. One of hope and joy. A tale of loyalty and wisdom. A story filled with love, kindness, and light. But ultimately, it is a redemption story.

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