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Out Of The Ordinary


Book Type: Digital


“Wait a second, that does not look like a plane, it looks like a… space vessel, there must be some explanation here,” The mission brings me back to Senerio, the reason I escaped my planet in the first place, and because I did not want to marry him but I figured all of his plans out and because of this, I needed to return what he stole to keep everything safe And this time... I have no choice, but to eliminate those standing in my way!


On my Planet (Alivo) I was born with these emotional changes, I remember my parents complaining about me differing from all the other children, an abomination, an outcast and I was always the one to get myself into some form of trouble However, this time I had to run, so I stole a craft and accidentally crashed on Planet Earth because they (The Elder council of Planet Alivo) got word to discipline me for something I did not even do,

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Strange Soul


Language: English

Pages: 90

Interior: BW



About The Author

28-year-old self published author .. in love with life and go with the flow type of craZzo :x:D haha I have been writing since the age of 8 and have ever since striven myself to become better at writing :) I do enjoy all types of genre's and I loVvve challenging myself :)

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