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The Rise and Fall of Antocracy




Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Teen & Young Adult



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Some words reviewers used to describe The Rise and Fall of Antocracy: adorable, amazing, beautiful, captivating, clever, compassionate, compelling, comprehensive, creative, delightful, elegant, engaging, engrossing, entertaining, enthralling, excellent, exhilarating, fascinating, fresh, fun, a great story, highly recommended, impressive, intriguing, manifest literary entertainment, outstanding, a real treat, refreshing, richly imagined, rhythmic, riveting, smooth-paced, strong, weird, whimsical and wonderful. With these adjectives, as well as statements such as: "takes speculative fiction to a new level", and "a story reminiscent of Animal Farm yet with a modern twist", you need to buy this book. And then: Imagine cyborg insectoids a thousand times larger than Earth insects that live much longer and become highly intelligent. But what happens when they create a centralized government that rules their planet and their antocracy (democracy with ants in charge) weakens? Anthiery and his mate Antianna fight to uphold diversity in their insectoid world and against wars brought on by a corrupt ruler Antilla. But when the antocracy fails, the ruthless autocrat Antilla does not tolerate descent. His draconian rule crushes all opposition and pushes the planet to the brink of ruin. Anthiery, Antianna, and their friends must fight or flee, and the planet's survival is at stake. An allegory for modern times, where failing democracies place our planet in peril. When a tale about the joy of discovery is eclipsed by greed, deception, and unbridled power. What becomes of their beautiful planet? Find out now!

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781778151651

ISBN-10: 1778151655

Publisher: Cyborg Insect Books


Language: English

Pages: 296

Interior: BW

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The author, Terry Birdgenaw, is a Metis of Oji-Cree, English, Scottish, Dutch and French-Canadian heritage, whose mother’s first cousin is a long-time lead elder of the Metis Nation of Canada. However, Terry would argue that by moving away from the Oji-Cree territory a few generations ago, his family became assimilated by European Canadian culture. Yet, Terry has long been fascinated by the story of his ancestor, Mistigoose, the indigenous Canadian woman who was the first to welcome a European into his mother’s family line. Mistigoose was both a tragic figure and an inspiration for this series. Her tragedy was that she drowned herself while distraught over the loss of her first son William, whom her British husband Robert had taken permanently to England. Against her will, the author’s fifth great grandfather wanted to ensure their son would be eligible to receive a handsome inheritance promised to his heir. Ironically, as British law prohibited Metis from owning property, William never received his rightful inheritance, so his translocation and mother’s death were both in vain. The translation of Mistigoose, an Oji-Cree word, inspired parts of the story told in The Antunites Chronicles. In English, Mistigoose means little branch or twig. The title character of Antuna’s Story, whose own mother drowned, used a twig in a selfless effort to save her newfound friend Dinomite. The resolution of the second book in the series, The Rise and Fall of Antocracy, also depended on the insectoids’ realization that they needed tiny insects to break down little branches to generate the new soil required to rehabilitate their spent lands. Visit Terry at:

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