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TRUCE: Novis Initiis




Genres: Chick Lit, Children's Books, Teen & Young Adult


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Truce explores the themes of friendship, love and self-discovery in a fun way. The story revolves around 5 protagonists-Tiya, Ron, Udit, Cayra and Edi, with each one of them facing their own challenges. The story takes you through their journey of tackling their problems and blooming into confident young adults. But, they don’t do this alone. They do this through the power of friendship and relationships. The story beautifully portrays the reality of today’s youth and provides a fresh perspective to the reader. It’s all about finding the right people at the right time!


I meandered to the washroom and locked myself into the nearest stall. I flumped onto the seat, where the pain started creeping in. I felt the knife of betrayal push back on my spine, leaving a gaping scar. With every passing moment, another shred of self-worth and faith shed off. It all felt like a horrible nightmare. Tomorrow when I’d wake up, this would be nothing but a bad dream. I pinched myself but realized this was reality! It was happening to me! Has your best friend ever backstabbed you? Mine has! And it sucks! It sucks more than when a boy breaks up with you. When you break up with a boy, you can turn to your best friend. But when your best friend herself hurts you, there is no one. There is no one to tell you, "You did not deserve him/her anyway!" No one to sit with and plot revenge. No one rushes to your house at midnight with ice creams and chow mein. No one dances along with you, in your PJs to Taylor Swift's songs. No one helps you pick up the pieces and glue it all back together. You have no one except your own broken soul.

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ISBN-13: 9788194913740

ISBN-10: 8194913748


Language: English

Pages: 272

Interior: BW



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