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Me and The Monkey Chronicles of the Monkey God Vol 2




Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Humor & Entertainment



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Well, they couldn't leave us alone, could they? Now we have to go off to Tibet, via South America - don't ask - and apparently, once again the fate of the many worlds rests upon our drunken shoulders. So, strap in and prepare for a tale of cigars, booze, laughter, tears, and secret organisations bent upon shafting us, and getting in the way of our partying. The mission has been delivered, and may the gods help us, we have no option but to accept. The everyday story of a man and the incarnate Monkey God, drinker of Jack Daniel's, smoker of cigars, dabbler in magic, bringer of entropy and lover of chaos. Conspiracy, magic, booze, guns, sexy partially dead girls, the Illuminati, bad TV, alternative history... What more could you want? Well, how about unique NFTs and audio passages? You are so greedy...


The Spaniard introduced himself almost in the style of Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, as one Nicolás González, descendant of Francisco Pizarro and special agent of the Inquisition. Well, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition, and The Monkey told him that. It was totally lost on him although me and Kev giggled like idiots… Anyway, it seems that the Inquisition have a 21st century branch and a stake in the Monkey Temple, this based upon tales handed down from the days of the Conquistadors. It would appear that a party of Spaniards did in fact stumble over the temple but only one made it back to Cusco alive. The priests who recorded his tale believed that he had been driven mad by devils in the mountains and, because he came from a rich family, he was shipped off back to Spain. But when he was interviewed by the Inquisition certain details of his story made them sit up and take notice. Seems that the Inquisition had a hard-on for the Illuminated Ones, were well aware of what they were searching for in various ancient places around the world, and were doing their damnedest to stop them because they considered the Illuminati to be Godless heretics. The unfortunate survivor was locked away in a deep, dark, ‘safe’ place where he couldn’t spill the beans if any of those naughty Illuminati came a looking, and an expedition to find the temple and blow it up failed spectacularly to find anything.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781838457761

ISBN-10: 1838457763

Edition: 1

Publisher: BAD PRESS iNK Limited


Language: English

Pages: 174

Interior: Color

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I write the things that pop up in my head – low fantasy, historical fantasy, sword & sorcery, weird, and bizarre humorous fantasy with a large dose of psychedelics, booze, guns, alternative history, conspiracy, magic and general lunacy – because, well, let's face it, no one else is going to! When not writing, I am a motion graphics artist for the live event industry. I live on the North coast of Cornwall with my wife, teenage daughter, three cats and two ponies.

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