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Stephen Zucco finds himself on a Medieval world. Falling off a cliff into a portal just below. The human race has been treated unfairly by the other races.War has consumed the world many times. What other Races will Stephen discover Elves and Dark Elves and Trolls and Goblins and unknown race? Can he save the human race from extinction? Does he finally find his true love? This is book one of a three book series.


Stephen tripped on a limb just ten feet from the cliff and I flew over it, As Stephen wakes up and looks around. He in a small room it looks to be a five-foot-tall by six-foot-wide room. There’s a small nook in the Far East wall. It has some hand carved figurines on it. Drapes hung on each side of the bed. It has hard wood floors too. While a lantern hung in the middle of the room. Giving just enough light to see. We see a small figure come into the room and go to the other side of the bed and lit another lantern we see a small dwarf woman staring at him.She stands only four foot two with curly brown hair and green eyes, “So, I see you awakened that’s good.” Said the women, “May I ask you a question?” asked the young man, “I will answer what I can.” Said the women, “Where am I?” asked Stephen, “You are staying at the castle Lyn Shire in the dwarf kingdom of Talinbak, “It’s kind of small to be a castle?” said Stephen. Abbey laughed, “Not for us dwarfs.” Said Abbey as they both laughed “Oh that hurts.” Said Stephen, “You took quite a fall and cut your head and broke a few ribs.” Said Abbey, “If you will listen to me and do as I tell you. You’ll be out of bed in two weeks.” Said Abbey, “Two weeks I got to get home my mom is going to kill me.” Said Stephen.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9780972142014

Edition: 1

Publisher: Alternate Tyme Press


Language: English

Pages: 123

Interior: BW

Keywords: , , , ,


Author and creator. My company Alternate Tyme Press has been around since 1990. A new division was created Tyme Press books for the novels I'm writing. Tyme press is for my comic books.

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