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When the human race discovered a trans-dimensional gate at the edge of the solar system, they gained access to the rest of the galaxy. Plunged into an interstellar society, humanity competed with alien empires and otherworldly forces. As humans spread throughout the stars, they found a few of their children born outside the Terran system were gifted with strange energies and abilities. When a civil war on a faraway world led to a hunt of all those who were gifted, one man, Jovan Anlon, and his alien wife Emery Valéry, commandeered a colossal ship, forcing an end to the conflict. Now six years later, the peace they forged is at risk: there is an arms race that threatens the balance of power throughout the galaxy. Jovan and Emery seek to remain on top through a combination of military might, espionage, and subterfuge. Each determined to do things their way, they risk losing all that they have accomplished.


"You would not have made it this far if you were not trusted to maintain secrecy." Jovan Anlon sat on a throne upon a raised platform taking up half the floor space. Removing his helmet, he placed it on the wide left armrest. Pale with dark hair and blue eyes, Jovan steepled his hands in front of his chest. "Proceed closer Hall Sigrun." A muscular man with numerous thick scars across his face stood in front of great doors far across the room. He approached Jovan. Behind Jovan, the throne's back was a mirror reaching up high above his head. Hazy blue light came from dome gems as well as from lines on his silver exo-armor. "Apologies for meeting in the Throne Room. After a battle, the conference rooms are needed twice over for debriefings." Sigrun glanced up at Jovan. "I understand that, but being inducted as a spy here, in such a prominent place, seems—" Jovan stood up, and Sigrun took a step back. "This room is the third most secure room on the Chandra. No one will know you were ever here." Sigrun stepped forward. "So, what is it I have to do, Sir?" "Return to working for Kedar. The spacecraft you have long been assigned is scheduled to be deployed for an ongoing mission to acquire intel." "How do we get in contact? Do I report in? Training?" Jovan strolled away. "Your PAD has been reprogrammed. The parameters for you are straightforward. Do your work, behave as usual, wait, and remain silent." Sigrun pulled a flat rectangle out of his pocket. He looked at his Personal Assistant Drone for a second and let go of it with a sigh. It hovered in place and transformed into a cube. As he walked away, it followed by his shoulder. Jovan stood before a wall. Thin cracks appeared, and it slid open revealing a hallway. A JM-17/A Minigun came down from the ceiling searching for targets. Jovan entered, and the wall closed.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798667794462

Edition: 1


Language: English

Interior: BW

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