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The Angels want to usher in Revelation, and what better way than through the creation of the British Empire? Infamous swordswoman Captain Lament Evyngar awaits execution in the Tower of London, charged with heresy and attempted regicide, but all is not as it seems. Unwittingly entangled in the schemes of the Angels, she recounts her tale to the Queen’s sorcerer, Dr Dee, who is more than a little responsible for her predicament. Dr Dee has designs for a British Empire that will dominate the world for ages to come, and with the aegis of the Angels, he has the power to make it a reality. But, two elements are missing, and through blackmail and occult ritual, Lament and her giant Dutch comrade are forced to journey to the war-ravaged Spanish Netherlands on a quest that will reveal the truth about strange entities that use humans to fight out their eternal conflicts and in doing so alter the course of history forever. So, a bargain is made, a child is created, and death is no longer an option for Lament as she is swept back and forth through time and space, her identity suddenly made fluid until she can at last return to the London of Queen Elizabeth I and face the cosmic horror that is unveiled in the royal court.


Kicking an enemy musketeer in the teeth, she leaps from the relative safety of the barricade. Her black-hilted sword skewers the staggering musketeer as she lands and walks out onto the road surface of a bridge that is awash with the stinking, crimson pride of the Spanish and Dutch. She draws her dagger with her left hand and walks toward the charging entity of chaos, arms spread wide, inviting this thing to its death. There is a tingling across her skin, and she imagines that the geometric patterns tattooed into her flesh by vast, cold, angelic beings are glowing again like molten metal.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781738519309

ISBN-10: 1738519309

Publisher: Tiny Blue Alien Press


Language: English

Pages: 340

Interior: BW

Keywords: , , , ,


I write the things that pop up in my head – low fantasy, historical fantasy, sword & sorcery, weird, and bizarre humorous fantasy with a large dose of psychedelics, booze, guns, alternative history, conspiracy, magic and general lunacy – because, well, let's face it, no one else is going to! When not writing, I am a motion graphics artist for the live event industry. I live on the North coast of Cornwall with my wife, teenage daughter, three cats and two ponies.

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