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Jim Taylor, Mountain Man


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Jim Taylor is the roughest, toughest mountain man in the Rockies! He's also Steve Savage's cousin. When the famous bounty hunter comes to him asking for help to track down a killer, Jim doesn't hesitate. The Savages are a close knit bunch. Step on the toes of one and the rest will come a'running! #action #Fremantle #Columbia #Columbiapictures #Netflix #netflixandchill #series #film #films #filmindustry #screenwriter #author #sony #sonypictures #metrogoldwynmayer #villageroadshow #villageroadshowpictures #Lstar #lstarcapital #pinhigh

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Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: DS Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 123

Interior: BW



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