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My Awesome Husband




Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Chase, who was poor and powerless, married Bella, the prettiest woman in the city. Therefore, he was regarded as a worthless husband. On the day Bella divorced him, Chase got an unexpected call, informing him of his grandfather's death. Chase's grandfather had left a legend book of talented medical skills and top martial arts, which brought endless killers. To keep the book, he had been tortured cruelly to death. According his grandfather's testament, Chase had to accomplish two almost impossible conditions before avenging him. One of them was to earn a hundred billion dollars. On the way to earn a Hundred billion dollars, Chase met again his soulmate, Bella. In his way, he showed his talented medical skills, regained Bella's respect and affection, and started his legendary life.


“Sign this divorce agreement and go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with Bella tomorrow.” Chase Lu raised his head and saw his mother-in-law, Jane Zhang, throwing two sheets of paper in front of him with disgust. A beautiful woman with a pale face stood behind her. She was Chase’s wife, Bella Song. Everyone in Golden City knew about her. She was blessed with outstanding beauty, but her marriage was inferior and lowly. Everyone in Golden City knew that she married a good for nothing guy. Seeing that Bella was cold as ice, Chase’s heart ached. His hands trembled as he picked up the divorce papers. Finally, the day was arriving. When Bella saw Chase picking up the agreement, her expression darkened and she turned her face away. She had given up on her husband, who had been protecting her for the past ten years. “Chase, I still remember!” “Ten years ago, on a snowy night…..” “You were dressed in rags and held a wooden stick in your hand. You didn’t know me but in order to protect me, you were bitten by stray dogs all over your body, still, you refused to retreat.” “Using the stick as a sword, you became my knight in shining armor!” “From then on, I began to admire you.” “You are a hero in my heart”. “I still remember your courage. What about you?” “Over the past few years, you have lost all your enthusiasm and courage…” “Look at yourself now. You speak softly every day. You even refused to retaliate whenever I hit or scolded you. Are you still a man?” “I really don’t want to see you like this…” “I have been waiting for you for ten years, but you have also let me down for ten years.” “If only you had taken a stand and objected to these divorce papers today!” “Then, I would have given myself to you for the rest of my life!” “Unfortunately, You didn’t…” “You didn’t even have the courage to keep your wife.” “Perhaps it’d be better if we just end this here…” At the thought of this, Bella could no longer hold back the tears in her eyes and turned to leave. However, Jane looked at Chase with disgust, feeling extremely satisfied. Ten years ago, her silly daughter had saved a homeless kid and insisted that he stay at their home. Since then, the kid had been in their home for ten years. Her daughter even tried her best to get everyone’s approval of this boy. Three years ago, She finally got married to him. The news caused a sensation in the whole of Golden City. The Song Family, which was revered by many because of Bella’s beauty, had become the laughing stock due to this matter. Since then, the family had been unable to recover from it. The goddess of the city had married a poor worthless guy. The joke had been circulating in Golden City for three years. Now, her daughter finally understood. As long as her daughter divorced this guy, she would be able to start a new life in Golden City with her incomparable appearance. Alfred Gao, who had been pursuing Bella for a long time, seemed to be a good candidate. His family is rich and powerful. Recently, the Song family had also asked for help from the Gao family. Hehe… “Sign it! My daughter is going on a date with Alfred Gao tomorrow.” Jane cursed at Chase’s unmoving figure.

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