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Follow Crystal on her adventure of Magic, Murder, and Mystery. Crystal and Leo face new challenges when they receive a letter from Crystal’s mother, speaking of The Otherside. They must travel to the new world before King Kireo reappears. However, Crystal is still haunted by the death of Winstaro, knowing her witchy powers are in her veins. Will Crystal and Leo discover how to get to the Otherside? Is King Kireo really in a coma and is Winstaro really dead? Bright Halo is an episodic Young Adult Fantasy book series with suspense and a slow-burn romance. (approx. 20k per episode). Episode One - 22nd February 2022 (OUT NOW!) Episode Two- 29th March 2022 (OUT NOW!) Episode Three - 26th April 2022 (OUT NOW!) Episode Four - 31st May 2022 (OUT NOW!) Episode Five - 27th September 2022 (OUT NOW!) Episode Six is arriving in early 2023. Please look forward to it! Reviews for Bright Halo Episode One: Melted Memories This is a quick reading YA fantasy book that is well written and thought out by the author. Would recommend if you like fantasy and mystery. Sarah Scott (Review from Goodreads and Amazon US) For a fantasy read, this reads well and quick. Finished in just under an hour. The story has potential, with elements of suspense it gives the reader a chance to wonder what comes next. Madison (Review from Goodreads) This book was outside of my genre but the descriptions were beautiful. I was transported somewhere else, in a magical world where I felt alongside the main character. The little nuggets of suspense were wonderful to follow. Sloane (Review from Goodreads) I really liked the premise of the book and its world building was easy to follow and well thought out. It has a lot of potential as a short YA Fantasy story. I really enjoyed reading it. Polly (From Goodreads) The vibrant colors had me at page one. I really liked crystal as a main character and enjoyed Leo too. So many questions about the hidden past still left unanswered, but it keeps you reading! DIYduo (From Amazon US) This book has so much potential and a good plot twist. The world is complex and well thought. If you like fantasy and books like City of Bones I think you will like this one because it has the same vibes to it. Also it’s an easy and funny read. Andreea (From Goodreads) I loved many of the details that were put into this book! Crystal and Leo have such a platonic bond, and I just can’t wait to read more of this series. Mia (From Goodreads)

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Book Type: Digital

Publisher: Bright Halo Book Publishing


Language: English

Interior: BW

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Randeletta Howson, author of the Bright Halo series, writes young adult fantasy with magic, twists, romance and mystery. She is currently a Creative Writing Masters Student at De Montfort University. She is 27 years old and was born and raised in Leicester, United Kingdom. When she is not writing, she enjoys doing hundred hobbies, including video games, dancing, singing, reading, kdramas, kpop, shopping and cooking. She is embarking on her self publishing writing journey. She first got the idea for Bright Halo when she was 16 and is finally ready to share her magical story world.

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