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My Human Mate




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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My Human Mate novel is a romance story about Ella and Blaze. You can read this novel online on Bravonovel.


Ella glanced at the wall of her room for the last time. She picked the handle of her luggage and closed the door behind her. She went down the stairs, seeing her mother waiting for her patiently. “Did you already fixed your things?” her mother asked. Ella smiled and gently nodded her head. “I’m so sorry, my child,” her mother said. “No, Mom. It’s totally fine with me, and I need this,” she answered. Her mother walked towards her and engulfed her in a tight hug. “If only I could take away your pain, I will do it without a second thought,” her mother said. Ella hugged her back and quietly sobbed on the crook of her neck like a small child wanted to be babied. It was never in her option to move away with her mother. She planned to live together with her boyfriend, but it never happens. Slowly, flashbacks of the night that broke her came back, haunting her. It was supposedly a fun night because it was her best friend’s birthday, but it turned out something she wasn’t expecting. She wanted to surprise her, but it was her who got surprised instead. Ella caught her boyfriend Ashton naked and doing nasty things with Jasmine in her room. It hurt her so much. She trusted those two in all her heart. It was when Ella decided to move away from the place that brought her pain and sadness. “Go and put your things in the car. We will leave once I talked to the agent about our house,” her mother said. Once again, Ella nodded her head and walked where her mother parked their car. She carefully lifted her luggage and put it inside the car’s compartment. “Ella,” the voice behind her spoke. She closed her eyes and clasped her chest. It’s the voice she never wanted to hear again. She mustered every ounce of courage she has and turned back. “Ashton,” she coldly said. “Babe, let me explain,” he begged and tried touching Ella, but she swats his hands away. Ashton reeks of strong alcohol. He was struggling to keep his balance steady. He looked at her, tears falling from his eyes. “There’s nothing to explain, Ash. I saw what I saw,” she said and tried to bit back her cry. Seeing Ashton standing in front of her broke her heart again. “Ella, please,” Ashton said. Ella couldn’t hold it any longer, and she slapped him hard on his face. “Damn you! Why did you do this to me!?” Ella burst into anger, her chest rising up and down. Her hands were shaking and stinging in pain. “I trusted you and love with all my heart!” she shouted, her body wracked with an onslaught of sobs and tears. “Babe, I’m sorry. It’s not what you think it is,” Ashton begged. Ella bitterly laughs. He still dared to lie in front of her face. She is not a fool. She saw them having sex in the filthy room. “Really, Ash?” she said and wiped the tears on her face. Suddenly, a pink car parked just across the road, and Jasmine went out. She looked to her left and right before crossing the streets. “Ella, please let us explain,” she said and held Ashton’s hand. Ella clenched her fist at the sight in front of her. It disgusts her so much. The friend she thought would support her was silently stabbing her in the back and snatched her boyfriend away. “There’s no need, Jasmine. He’s all yours,” she said and turned her back away from them.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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