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Lord Protector




Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Lord Protector Lord Protector is a modern city as the background of Adventure & Action novel,the protagonists are Zeke Williams.


Oakheart International Airport, which had always been hustling and bustling, had no signs of tourists at all today. The entire place was so silent that one could hear a pin drop. Only thousands of men dressed in camouflage uniforms were present with loaded weapons, waiting in anticipation. “Zone one, clear!” “Zone two, clear!” “...” The colonel, Lone Wolf, who carried two stripes and three stars on his shoulders, let out a long sigh of relief after hearing the report. “The coast is clear. You may alight now, Great Marshal.” Zeke extinguished the cigar in his hand before he slowly walked out of the private jet. He was decked out in a fur coat that rustled in the cold wind. His expression was bland but instilled fear in others, nonetheless. He exuded an aura like that of a monarch overlooking the world, which made people hold their breaths. Thousands of soldiers shifted their gaze to him uniformly, their eyes brimming with admiration. He was a living legend and their faith. “Welcome back, Great Marshal!” Lone Wolf hurriedly greeted. Zeke nodded indifferently. “Great Marshal,” Lone Wolf continued gingerly, “Your family has sent some people to meet you. They are waiting in the lounge.” “They seem desperate for you to return to the family.” Zeke stood rooted to the ground as he looked toward the lounge. There was indeed a row of people in suits, anxiously awaiting his return. As their eyes met, the people inside shuddered and couldn't help but kneel on the ground with pleading eyes. It would be a major shock to anyone who saw this scene. Did the dignified and influential Williams family of Atheville just get down on their knees? Zeke snorted, his mind wandering. He, the original young master of the Williams family in Atheville, had been forced by the head of the Williams family to take his twin brother's place in jail fifteen years ago. No one had spoken up for him in the family, including his parents. He was released from prison five years later. And in just a few years, he became a marshal with unparalleled power and the world's number one God of War. In the past, when he had experienced the cruelty of life, the Williams family had shown him no concern at all. But now that he was rich and powerful, they finally remembered him. How ridiculous!

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