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Let's Divorce, Ex-husband!




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Let's Divorce, Ex-husband! novel is a romance story about Trixie Albert Blayden and Daryl Blayden.


Recently, Trixie Albert Blayden felt a little strange about her husband Daryl Blayden. She can't say what exactly is strange, but the feeling is certain, he has been busier these days than before, working overtime is a common occurrence, she has developed eyebags waiting for him coming home late at night. Daryl always looks tired, and this deprived Trixie from initiating long chats with him. Trixie felt distressed, distressed and uneasy at the same time, because Daryl never kept secrets from her about anything before. Daryl is known for being a role model husband in their whole circle of friends and families including their entire community. And so, with Trixie, she is known for being a role model wife perfectly doing her duties as a typical wife. Many couples admire their marriage. Back when Daryl was courting and chasing Trixie, they were the talk of their school campus, and all the girls in their school were envious. Even though they have been married for nine years now and their daughter is already 5 years old, Daryl is still the same husband to Trixie when they were just married. He is not just a good business man and a good provider. He also tirelessly does almost all house works making Trixie his wife princess in their home. But today... "The number you have dialed cannot be reached, please dial again later…" Trixie hung up the phone. She has been attempting to call Daryl but to no avail. It was already eleven o'clock. The food on the table was cold. But still, Daryl's phone still couldn't be reached. Usually on every important occasion, Daryl would prepare and deliver gifts early, but today, being their wedding anniversary, he didn't come home early. And this is one of the unusual things that Trixie observes from her husband. Trixie opened her WeChat and checked on their cycle of friends' group community, and there she saw her husband's post saying. "Honey, I love you! You are very beautiful in the red skirt that I gave you!" Trixie was flattered. Her heart jumped with excitement. Her husband is always sweet as ever. She smiled sweetly, then suddenly realized something. Then slowly her heart pounded heavily. When did he give her a red dress? Yes, one day when they went shopping, she wanted to buy a red dress, but Daryl rejected the idea, telling her that red dress does not look good on her. But now he posted appreciating her wearing a red skirt? Is it her that he really meant to appreciate or was it another woman? Trixie's mood changes, her emotions are mixed up and she is ready to make a call again, just then, the door opens. Daryl Blayden, appeared at the door, he is tall and has a masculine body built, he is wearing formal attire paired with his leather shoes. Calculating how handsome he appears, it is undeniable that any woman who sees him will find him pleasingly handsome. He is desirable and that is one of his qualities that make people tell how lucky Trixie is for having him as her husband. He was holding a bunch of flowers in his hand, then handed them to her affectionately. "Sweetheart, happy anniversary. You have worked hard over the years keeping our family in order. Here, I picked these flowers at a rose garden at the outskirts of the city just for you. Sorry that it took me late." He said.

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