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Blood Relations: A New World




Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Eros is a handsome, ageless, blood-sucking alien who finds refuge on modern-day Earth. Despite coming from an advanced civilization thousands of years ahead of Earth, he falls in love with the charm, compassion, and creativity of humanity. But after outliving his friends and lovers, Eros becomes incensed to find a way to help others live longer—especially after meeting the beautiful and powerful Camellia. And when he hears of the sacred and elusive Fountain of Youth, Eros believes he may be able to keep his love alive for good. But with Eros's need for female blood and Camellia's mortality and protective mother fighting against their union, will Camellia and Eros find a way to be together today, tomorrow, and forever? This epic love story will have readers' hearts skipping beats and filling with warmth and positivity. Despite its incredible paranormal twists, this love story feels as real and raw as it gets.


Blood Relations is a fascinating and exciting paranormal work by author Glenn Stevens which asks the question: What are you willing to give to live forever? Part alien tale and part vampiric blood-sucking legacy, this interesting fusion of genres centers around the mysterious Eros. To escape from certain death, the alien Eros moves his royal family to Earth for their own safety, not knowing that the very thing they're hiding from has followed them to the new planet. When he crash lands and forgets who he is and what he's supposed to be doing in this new world, a human woman with a dying child takes him in as a messenger from the heavens. Little does she know of Eros's conflicting taste for human female blood. I found this new take on the vampire storyline to be really intriguing, as Glenn Stevens clearly knows the original dark gothic genre very well. Catapulting the old lore of vampirism into a modern world of science fiction isn't easy, but the writing is clear, sharp, and modern to get to the point fast. I enjoyed the dialogue, both humorous and serious, and the characterization of aliens versus humans was well thought out. For me, the plot wound through just a couple too many twists and turns, but I suspect that faithful readers of the vampire and alien genres will enjoy that aspect a great deal. Overall, I would certainly recommend Blood Relations to both fantasy and science fiction readers who enjoy dark themes, conflict, and action.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Amazon


Language: English

Pages: 601

Interior: BW

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Glenn grew up in Chicago glued to the TV watching Dark Shadows every afternoon. In that highly rated series, it was Barnabas Collins who first ignited Glenn's passion for blood and vampire stories. The more romantic and erotic vampire stories like Dracula and the many films by Hammer set that passion ablaze.

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