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The Wedding Ring




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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“Resign from that cafe and be my wife.” What did he say? To be his wife? Is he serious? We just met a while ago. Is this day lucky for me or not? She’s suddenly confused, and I do not know if I will cry or be happy with what this man said. “I will pay you $5000. Do not worry, I will not control you, we can make an agreement. We just need to get married for two years. After that, we can divorce. You are free.” She’s still can’t believe if this person is in the right mind. I wonder why somebody offers marriage suddenly, is it a chance of grace or misfortune.


Diane needs to be in a hurry. It’s her first day at this part-time job that Jenny gave to her. She is going to clean an apartment. She has no idea who’s living in that apartment. Either a family with a messy house or an old lady who needs someone to help her do the household chores, she’s up to it. Though she has a permanent job as a cashier in a café, Diane’s first time doing a part-time cleaning and being hired for more than a month. She needs more extra income to save more money to go back home. She needs to hurry, she doesn’t want to be late. As soon as she reached the building, she gives her ID to the concierge and signs up on the logbook. She went to the elevator. While waiting for the elevator to go down, she checked the Jenny’s message. 2909. The elevator opens then she pressed the 29th floor. The building was clean, and you can see rich people live in this place. As soon as the elevator reached her destination, she finds room number 2909. She turned left, following the arrow in the corner with 1-10, while on the right side is 11-20. She quietly walked till she found the door in 2909. “Here it is…” She took a deep breath. “I need to relax…” She prayed that the owner will be satisfied with her performance in cleaning their apartment, so she can come back again next time when they need her help. After a few seconds, the door opened. Diane was surprised that it’s a man who opened the door. The apartment was silent. You can only see empty bottles of wine on top of the center table, a wine glass, and an ashtray full of a cigarette butt. There was also a lighter and 2 boxes of cigarettes, one is empty, while the other one is already opened, But the living room looks clean, with no clothes scattered everywhere. “Hi sir, I’m Diane, your part-timer,” she said with a plastered smile. “Come in,” the man said. The living room wall is painted with a cream color. With gold curtains in a large window, a set of black leather couches with both ends have a small brown table with a lampshade on top in each and artificial plants beside it. A wooden round table was also in the center, and underneath it is a brown carpet. There’s an eighty-six inches smart TV attached to the wall, with a Multimedia Bluetooth Home Theater Speaker System on both sides. When you turn left, it’s the door going to the open kitchen. Next to it is a small guest bathroom. The right side of the kitchen is the laundry room. “All the cleaning materials are in the laundry room,” the man said and left. Diane gently closed the door behind her. She looked at the broad shoulder of the man who just left after he opened the door for her. He went inside the kitchen. He is wearing a plain white t-shirt and blue stripes, pajama pants. He’s walking straight to the fridge. He took a bottle of water. He’s a tall man. His face was round and shaved. His nose was pointed, and his lips are lush. He has a dimple on his chin, and I can see Adam’s apple that makes him more remarkable. His Adams apples’ movement looks so sexy while drinking the water like a TV advert model. I didn’t even notice that I bite my lower lips on this beautiful creature. “Is there anything you want to ask?” Hearing this cold voice and seeing a pair of blue eyes looking at me makes me startled.

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