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The Legend of Eden - Act 1: Part 1 - The Moonchild Elaine




Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult


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King Solomon and the young Moonchild Elaine


Shamar appeared to be just as old as King Solomon. Unlike King Solomon, he sported a beard of grey and wore scars upon his face as if they were badges of honour. Like King Solomon, he also wore a crown of grey upon his head that sat in contrast to his onyx-black skin. Unlike King Solomon, his face did not bear a smile but was still. Almost devoid of emotion, his brown eyes forever watchful. Despite King Solomon's renown on the battlefield, it was Shamar that their enemies feared most. On his back was his great sword, Griffin. A blade that had earned as much infamy on the battlefield as Shamar himself. A large double-edged sword rested on his back. The pommel of the sword was a griffin's head, and the guard looked as if silver wings in flight.

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A fantasy writer who wishes to share with you a story. A story of pain and hardships. One of grief and despair. One of treachery and madness. One filled with hate, rage, and utter darkness. However, it is also a journey of healing and growth. One of hope and joy. A tale of loyalty and wisdom. A story filled with love, kindness, and light. But ultimately, it is a redemption story.

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