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Priestess of the Lost Colony




Genres: Fantasy


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Book Type:Print & Digital

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A headstrong Egyptian priestess, her brother, their sacked colony—and a rescue mission. When Itaweret’s beloved Per-Pehu falls to the tyrannical Scylax, she and her brother Bek lead a mission to save her captured people and depose Scylax. Along the way, they run into all kinds of perils, friends, and foes—and beasts sent by an angry goddess. Set in ancient Greece 3,500 years ago, this is a tale blending magical realism with history, high adventure with discovery . . . and Itaweret’s determination to save her people while learning her heart’s desires and realizing her deeper purpose.


“And if you lose . . . well, I needn’t spell that one out. Dine and sleep well tonight, my Kemetian hosts. You’ll need it.” Scylax and his retainers marched out of the audience chamber, the echoes of their steps taunting the hosts until they could be heard no more. Silence hung in the hall. Itaweret wrung her hands together while absorbing her father’s harsh and incredulous expression. She felt like a child about to be blasted with a scolding lecture. “Tell your brother about this,” Mahu said. “He should know he’ll be leading the defense.” Itaweret nodded and left the room.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-10: 194179985

Publisher: Open Books Press


Language: English

Pages: 166

Interior: BW

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