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A Cue for Love novel is a romance story about Natalie Nichols and Samuel Bowers.


“Ugh...” The moment Natalie Nichols woke up, she felt her body hurting as though it was falling apart. She was stark naked beneath the covers, her pale skin littered with hickeys. There were so many that she could not bear to even look at them. What's this? Suddenly, a memory of a steamy scene from the previous night flashed in front of her eyes. She had entered the room in a semi-conscious state and was ravished by a stranger for the entire night. The man had paid no heed to her cries and pleas as he claimed her as his own. Natalie put on her clothes and got out of the bed with wobbly legs, determined to find the b*stard that took away her virginity. However, the man was nowhere in sight. The only thing she found was a silver cross earring on the bed. Was it left by that man? Natalie pocketed the earring and was preparing to leave the suite when the door was kicked open from the outside. Thomas Nichols, who was nearly fifty, stormed in, followed by Natalie's twin sister, Yara. “Dad, Yara...” Natalie paled instantaneously. “You didn't return all night, and we thought that something happened to you. Who knew that you would be fooling around with a man in a hotel!” Thomas pointed his finger at his daughter as he berated loudly. Yara, on the other hand, whined, “You really went too far this time, Natalie! Dad, Aunt Yvonne, and I almost went crazy looking for you!” Natalie shook her head vigorously. “N-No, I didn't.” “Have you no shame? See those marks on your neck and limbs? And you still dare to say that you didn't?” “I-I was set up by someone, Dad. I also have no idea how this happened.” Seeing that Natalie was still defending herself, Thomas grabbed the ashtray beside him and threw it toward her. Thud! Before she could react, she had another wound on her forehead. Blood began seeping out of it continuously, trickling down her face. “I have just agreed to your marriage with Mr. Quinn, Natalie, and now look what you've done! Now that you're unchaste, how am I supposed to explain this to him?” Natalie widened her eyes in disbelief. “Jacob Quinn is nearly sixty, and all three of his previous wives are dead. And yet, you still want me to marry him?” “What's wrong with that? You should be honored to be able to marry him.” Thomas held onto Yara's arm with a look of disappointment. “Fortunately, you and Yara are only similar in looks and not in terms of moral conduct. Your behavior has brought shame to our entire family!” Yara side-eyed her sister contemptuously. “Don't forget that she grew up in the countryside, Dad!” Faced with Thomas' cold glare and Yara's indifference, Natalie could not help but exclaim internally. Look! This is the attitude of my own father and sister! Not only was Natalie's forehead bleeding, but so was her heart. Ten months later, alongside the cries of infants, Natalie successfully gave birth to two children in her apartment on the outskirts of the city. As Yara scooped up the babies, who were still covered in blood, she glared viciously at her sister lying in bed, weakened by childbirth. “G-Give them back... to me...” Despite the deathlike pallor of her face, Natalie still tried her best to get up. “Give them back? Can you provide for them?” Yara taunted.

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