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A Man with a Price Tag




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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A Man with a Price Tag novel is a romance story about Hudson Webb.


Hudson Webb was my name, and I came from a mountain village. I’d been staying in Jacinth City ever since I graduated university, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any good jobs. I was a graduate from a third-tier university with a lousy major. I’d been here for three years, but I hadn’t achieved anything. On this day, I was again unemployed. After paying the rent for the following month, I only had 300 on me, but this amount wouldn’t even last a week in Jacinth City even if I were to scrimp and scrape. A feeling of desperation gripped me, and the urge to do something reckless flashed across my mind. After all, one would truly do anything when at the end of one’s tether. When I was at the lowest point of my life, an unexpected phone call turned my destiny around. Mandy Zorus, the HR manager of my former company, phoned me out of the blue. After answering the call and listening to her explanation, I was entirely stunned. Clutching my cell phone, I fell into a trance and said nothing for a whole minute until she started rushing me, saying, “I need an answer from you, Hudson. I’m only recommending you such a great deal because you seem honest besides meeting the other party’s requirements, so don’t waste such an amazing opportunity.” “Let me consider it, Miss Zorus.” My mind was a hazy blur, so I could only defer it. “Alright, then, but you must give me an answer by tomorrow morning. It’s actually not a big deal at all, Hudson. The other party has both money and power, so the moment you agree, she’ll give you 200,000 as dowry. You don’t lose anything.” Mandy prattled on and persuaded me for a while before she finally hung up the phone. When the call had ended, I spaced out for some time before I suddenly lifted a hand and slapped myself across the face to ascertain whether I was dreaming earlier. On the phone, Mandy said that she wanted to recommend me for a marriage deal. The other party’s requirements were extremely strange, for she mandated a live-in son-in-law with a height of 180 and above, possessing average to good looks, and a bachelor’s degree. Most importantly, she wanted someone honest and loyal, preferably an introverted village boy. Coincidentally, I met all these requirements, and it was as though this ‘position’ was tailor-made for me. I stood at a height of 183 with good looks besides being honest and introverted to the point of being a tad dull. Although I graduated from a third-tier university, I still had a bachelor’s degree. According to Mandy, the other party was a girl named Jessie Levitt. She was 30 years old and worked with the Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources as a senior-level officer. As long as I passed the interview, I’d receive 200,000 as dowry on a single condition—to get married immediately. I’d also be provided with a car and a house that was in a luxurious area in the city center of Jacinth City whereby houses cost at least tens of millions.

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