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Mysterious CEO's Last Surrogate




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Danica wakes up beside a strange man in the morning. The next day, she finds herself becoming the surrogate to a mysterious man, in the bid to save her twin sister Daniella from a ruthless mafia boss. But what she doesn't understand is, why did he change the rules? He wants her body once every month till she conceives yet; she can’t see him face to face...


Daniella trembled with fear, her eyes wide in panic, as her knees burned with pain from kneeling on the marbled floor for hours. Warm tears fell in her cheeks, wetting her blouse. Angry pairs of eyes surrounded her as Justice, the first in command to the mafia boss, snarled, "Tell me why I shouldn't kill you now?" His voice was taunting, as he glared at her with his deep brown eyes. Daniella shivered as she muttered, "Because you won't get your money if you kill me. Look, I will do anything okay? anything." Justice laughed hysterically. "Will you do anything? Mr. Somo, my boss, needs a virgin tonight but I know you are not so you don't possibly have anything to offer," he snarled. Daniella thought hard. Her life was at stake and she dared not offend the man in front of her. The hardness of the floor she had been kneeling on for so long made her knee painful. "Yes, I am not a virgin, but my sister is. I can get her to Mr. Somo." Justice gulped down a glass of vodka. His face was deadpanned, and his voice icy. "If she fails, you die. You don't mess with me." Daniella looked for a way to run but the mere presence of his bodyguards sent her defense on reverse. "And if she doesn't? What if she succeeds?" She said in a trembling voice, as she hugged her frame with her small hands. "Well, Mr. Somo pays very well. We will settle your debt, and give you back whatever is leftover," Justice assured her and she believed him. Justice has always been a man of his words but also one to not mess with. He is so skilled at what he does, which makes his boss, Mr. Somo to always trust his judgment. However, greed would always take Daniella to him. She has been involved in all manner of devices because of him and due to her insatiable hunger for expensive things she can't afford, she doesn't want to stop. Daniella grinned at his statement. "Alright. Tonight it is," she said, lifting herself from the floor and wobbled due to the pain in her knee. It's not the first time she found herself in such a situation so she knew the pain would be long gone before the night. "And remember. If you fail, not even your corps would not be enough to pay," Justice warned before she hurried out of the door. Daniella gave a smile that did not reach her eyes and took a cab home. From the door, Daniella could smell freshly-baked muffins and instantly knew her sister was at it again. Her stomach roared in hunger and anxiety, as she made her way to the small kitchen to speak with her twin sister for the first time since their parents died two months ago. "Danica, can I have some of the muffins?" Danica's eyes widened in shock. Her twin sister had never asked her for anything or accepted anything from her. She treated her like an enemy and blamed her for her misfortunes. This sounded like a complete surprise but this is just what she has been praying for. It seemed to her that God had finally answered her prayers. "Why not?" Danica responded, placing some muffins before Daniella with a glass of milk on the small dining table. "Thank you," she mumbled and started eating. Danica stared on in shock, startling Daniella. "Are you going to watch me eat?" The former asked, completely uncomfortable with her sister's gaze.

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