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Chosen By An Alpha




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Blurb : Grace was a sweet and simple human whose world revolves around her family and their happiness. Everything was perfect in her life until he arrived in her town in search of his enemy. And then nothing remained PERFECT in her life from the moment his eyes landed on her. He wanted her. All of her. Either by hook or by crook


Author Note: Dear Readers, Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issue with that. Rest I could guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline.Also, don't forget to read my other book: The Luna's Pretended Love Interest (On-going) Third Person’s POV Holding a warm cup of tea, Grace slowly made her way on the terrace of her house. Taking a deep breath, she reveled for a moment in the fresh air of her small town, which was surrounded by nature. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to get lost in the moment, this was the way in which she used to start her day. By losing herself in the beauty of nature, she used to forget all the problems of her life. Grace was 28 years old and the most beautiful girl in the small town. She had all the qualities which anyone would need in their wife but she always used to say a big NO to all the marriage proposals. Her parents were concerned about her because they were concerned about her as Grace was stressing too much to fulfill all the responsibilities of the family. She was blessed with three younger sisters and one younger brother which her parents planned with the hope of having a son. As all the sisters started growing up, it was getting harder for her father to handle all the expenses of the house. That’s why she started working in the restaurant as a cook to support her family at an early age. She also helped her father in arranging funds for the marriage of two of her sisters. The situation had just started to get better when her father was diagnosed with cancer, and her family needed a lot of money for her treatment. Now, she was the only one who used to work in the family. Because of family reasons and a busy schedule, Grace never got a chance to fall in love with anyone. Also, she believed in getting married to that person with whom she would fall in love rather than an arranged marriage. “Grace, it’s time for your breakfast”, The high-pitched call from her mother was like an alarm to her that she had to leave for the job. Her mother always used to remind her about the breakfast before 15 minutes because she knew her daughter well. Grace always used to forget to check the time when she used to spend her time on the terrace. “I will be there in a minute, mom”, Grace shouted but she knew that she couldn’t make it before 15 minutes and quickly ran toward her room to complete her morning business. After an hour She reached the restaurant where she used to work. She greeted all her co-workers warmly and then walked directly to the kitchen. She found leftover food in the container and shook her head in disappointment. ‘I had asked Mason to feed these food to the stray animals.’, She thought and checked the food which was still in good condition. The food had to get wasted in any way that’s why she packed the food in the polybag and walked out of the restaurant to check the animals so that she could feed them. ‘And there they are.’, She thought and smiled. The moment a bunch of dogs saw her, they ran toward her happily. Well, why won’t they? She was the one who used to feed them on a regular basis.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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