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Leap of Fate




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Serene and Bryan were deeply in love and there is nothing more she could ask for. She has planned her future around him, but Fate has other plans for them. Serene found Bryan pleasuring another man whom he eventually marries leaving Serene dejected and hurt. Trying to move on from this heartbreak, she dedicated herself to her work. In another twisted turn of events, Fate brought her to Justin, who looked exactly like her ex-boyfriend’s husband. Trapped in a complex web of relationships, does Serene follow her heart or choose the easy way out?


He’s wearing a black three-piece suit that clung to his body like second skin. His smile reached his eyes. The entire universe reflected in them. They spoke of promise and of hope, of excitement and of eagerness. The happiness from his eyes made his handsome features more handsome. His smile, oh, his smile! Like the first time she saw him, it’s sweet and captivating. It spoke of anticipation, bliss, and hope. He’s the perfect groom. All six feet of him stood at the end of the aisle, waiting. All emotions he felt showed on his face like a kaleidoscope. He’s happy, nervous, anxious and giddy all at the same time. His gaze fixed on the person walking towards him. He widened his smile as the space between them decreased. Tears formed at the corner of his eyes. He seemed to see his future flash in front of him in a montage. As Serene looked at Bryan’s bright eyes, she cannot help but feel she was stepping into one of her dreams many years ago. In her dream, he was waiting for her with a smile stamped upon his face. He looked at her. Adoration filled his eyes as she took her time to walk down the aisle. She’s dressed in white and was holding a tiny bouquet. She glided towards the altar, closing the gap between them inch by inch. Looking up, she smiled at him from beneath the thin veil that covered her face. He smiled back at her. Today, he wore the same smile. It was the kind that melts your heart, makes your knees weak, and makes your heart drum from your chest. It’s the smile that assures you that from that day forward, nothing else mattered. Everything else is ephemeral and only you and him exist. She first saw Bryan in one of the fashion events she hosted when she was in college. She would do such part-time jobs after joining and winning a local beauty pageant. He was one of the male models for the fashion event. The event organizers asked for a quick meeting before the show starts. They called them to gather in the small function hall. Like everyone else, she went to the meeting venue. As soon as she opened the door, the frigid air from the air conditioner embraced her. The knee-length red dress she wore did not help her at all. She let out a shiver as goosebumps formed on her exposed arms. She rubbed her arms and hoped that the friction she created would generate enough warmth. “You must be cold,” the deep and warm voice of a young man welcomed her as he reached out to give her his jacket. She was a little surprised by the unexpected gesture, and his warm smile had drawn her to him. It was a toothy smile, almost like from a toothpaste commercial. But unlike those advertisements, his smile reached the eyes. It gave off a warm and friendly vibe. It lit up his face and made everything around him fade in a blur. For a moment, those bright eyes and red lips pulled her into a world and time where only they existed. His lit up face and her slack-jawed self. She forgot she was feeling cold or the room full of people who were busy chatting with each other. Stunned, she looked at him, transfixed in the moment. He shook his hand that held the jacket in front of her, cutting off her thoughts. His friendly and somewhat mischievous smile on his lips.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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