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Love under Inspection




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Love under Inspection novel is a Romance story about Gu Annuan. You can read this novel online on Bravonovel app or web.


When Gu Annuan left DFO Investment Bank, she felt dizzy. The stack of documents in her hands felt like a ton of rocks that made her gasp for breath. Before she knew it, a Maserati GranCabrio came right at her. The speeding car almost ran into her knees. Gu Annuan furrowed her brows and narrowed her eyes. She knew who the driver was. It was Lan Xuanxuan, the new supermodel in town. Recently, it was rumored that she was dating Lu Xiuran. Lan Xuanxuan came out of the car and swept her gaze over Gu Annuan. She gave her a cold smile, β€œMrs. Lu, I'm pregnant. The baby belongs to Xiuran.” Gu Annuan stared at her. Lan Xuanxuan was in her twenties and had thick, dramatic makeup on. Her red lips were complemented by the newest A-line skirt by D brand. It showed off her curvaceous body perfectly. She also had a sexy bright purple fur coat on. Well, Lu Xiuran's taste is really unpredictable. Gu Annuan didn't say anything and gave her a wide berth. Lan Xuanxuan was visibly anxious and blocked her with her arms. β€œMrs. Lu, do you think it's a boy or girl?” β€œWhat do you think I should name the baby? What comes after the surname Lu?” β€œXiuran is with me every night. It must feel bad to be alone at night, right?” β€œMrs. Lu, you didn't drive? Where are you going? I can give you a lift. You can sit in my new car that Xiuran bought for 3.2 million,” Lan Xuanxuan said. She flipped her long hair to show off her sparkling pearl earrings. Gu Annuan recognized the earrings. They were made of Akoya pearls and customized by a famous brand. The price was 8.4 million. She knew that because of the receipt she found in Lu Xiuran's pocket a few days ago. Lu Xiuran was generous to his lovers. But he was heartless and merciless to her and the Gu family! β€œXiuran treats me well and buys me everything I asked for. Mrs. Lu, I heard it was your birthday two days ago. What did Xiuran buy for you?” Lan Xuanxuan smiled smugly as she stared at the pearl necklace around Gu Annuan's neck. β€œThat pearl necklace? I picked that out a month ago and got bored with it. So, he gave it to you.” Gu Annuan straightened her back, β€œAre you done?” β€œGu Annuan, why are you still hogging the position of Mrs. Lu? From what I gather, Xiuran doesn't love you at all! He married you in the first place because of your family's status. Now that your family is in trouble, you are useless to him!” Since Gu Annuan looked indifferent, Lan Xuanxuan went all out. β€œYou should take the hint and divorce Xiuran so I can marry him! Don't make the matter worse.” Gu Annuan lowered her gaze as her lips curled up into a cold smile. β€œMs. Lan, since my husband loves you so much, you can ask him to divorce me. Why are you here instead?” β€œI, I...” Lan Xuanxuan was rendered speechless. She had been pestering Lu Xiuran for at least six months, pleading and begging him for a divorce. Even though the man seemed to pamper her in every way possible, he wouldn't agree to her request. He was a man of great depth. What else could she do? Gu Annuan couldn't be bothered and continued walking. Suddenly, she stopped and turned. β€œBy the way, I think there's something that you don't know. When I married my husband, we signed a prenup. He said that he will love me forever. If we get a divorce, he won't take a single cent from both the Gu and Lu families. He'll be left with nothing!”

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